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Hey! My name is Kurt McIntire, @kurtmcintire, and I run Gear List. I'm an elite obstacle course racer and trail runner. You can find me at most Western United States Spartan Races and San Francisco-Bay Area trail races. A lifelong athlete, I'm passionate about bringing fans, athletes, and brands together.

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Kurt McIntire, Monterey Spartan Sprint 2019  
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Shoes: Brooks Pure Grit 6

I've run in Brooks Pure Grit 6s for my last two trail shoes cycles. I wear these in elite Spartan Races, where technical trails, rocky surfaces, mud, and 4-ft deep water crossings are common. Of all these conditions, the Brooks Pure Grit 6s perform best on hard trails and gravel. In these shoes, I don't experience hot spots and blisters -- even on steep downhills. They have a 4mm heel drop, which plays nicely with my stride. I like them so much that I didn't upgrade to the Pure Grit 7s this season, and instead, bought another pair of 6s. The only downside I can call out is the lack of grip for muddy and wet conditions. They simply don't have hefty enough treads for cutting through mud.

Shorts: 2XU MCS Run Compression Short

For the 2018 and 2019 Spartan Race seasons, I've run in the 2XU MCS Compression Shorts. They fit great and have a slick design. I wasn't previously aware of the 2XU brand, but started seeing top OCR athletes wearing these. I gave them a try, loved them, and continued racing with them since. After two seasons, my two pairs don't have any snags or tears.

Watch: Garmin Forerunner 235

During obstacle course races, I've been afraid to compete with expensive watches like Apple Watch or Garmin Fenix. Instead, I go with the lower-end Garmin Forerunner 235. This watch comes with Bluetooth many of the modern features of a smart watch (Bluetooth syncing, heart rate, cadence, push notifications) but also holds up remarkably well. After a dozen Spartan Races, the watch face has a few scratches, but works just fine.