Spartan Race Big Bear Beast, Men's Podium

Race day breakdown by Kurt McIntire

05 29 19

This year's Spartan Race Big Bear Beast was grueling. The 12.6-mile, 32-obstacle course required 5,300-ft of climbing -- all between altitudes of 6,700 and 8,200-ft above sea level. How do top racers choose the right clothing & equipment for a race like this? Let's take a look at the men's podium finishers.

Big Bear 2019 Men's Podium
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Big Bear Men's Podium #gearlist:

Shorts: Dahlie Sportswear Tights Focus Mid

Pants: Spartan by Craft Delta Long Compression Tight

Despite temperatures in the mid-30s on race day, the sun was shining down on Snow Summit in Big Bear. The air was cool, but the sun was warm on the skin. Deciding to wear shorts or compression pants came down to a matter of personal preference. 1st and 3rd went with shorts, and 2nd place went with compression pants.

Watch: Suunto 9

Big Bear 2019 Men's Podium  

Shoes: VJ Shoes USA XTRM

Like other alpine races, Big Bear featured long uphills and technical downhills. Being able to descend quickly on gravel & rock terrain is a must. All three men's podium finishers wore VJ Shoes USA's XTRM shoe. This shoe features a rock plate that protects the feat when landing on hard surfaces, and gnarly treads to prevent slipping on downhills.