Spartan Race Big Bear Beast, Women's Podium

Race day breakdown by Kurt McIntire

06 04 19

What do top obstacle course racers wear for the toughest race of the season? Let’s take a look at the Big Bear Beast women's podium finishers, and what they chose before climbing 5,200-ft over 12+ miles.

Big Bear 2019 Women's Podium
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Big Bear Women's Podium #gearlist:

Vest: S/Lab Sense Ultra 8

For longer races, vests like the S/Lab Sense Ultra 8 are great for packing along extra calories and hydration. It offers more storage than a belt, but still remains low profile fo crawling under barbed wire and tight-spaced obstacles.

Shoes: VJ Shoes USA XTRM

Shoes: Salomon S/Lab Ultra 2

Big Bear featured long ascents, but also harrowing downhills. Having the right shoes to protect your feet is important for preventing blisters and twisted ankles. Our podium finishers chose between the VJ Shoes USA XTRM and the Salomon S/Lab Ultra 2. The XTRM brings a drop of 4mm (promoting mid-sole striking), while the Ultra 2 has an 8mm drop (promoting heel striking). Often, the choice between drop distances comes down to personal body mechanics, past injuries, and personal preference.

Top: Spartan by Craft Greatness Mid Impact

Pants: Delta Long Compression Tights

Shorts: Spartan by Craft Charge Hot