Emilee Smith, Smiling on Race Day

Interview by Kurt McIntire

06 21 19

Today let's say hi to Emilee Smith -- Spartan Pro Team member, elite obstacle course racer, and currently-ranked 14th in the world for Spartan's Elite Point Series. In 2019 she's already competed at 12 races, earning top 10 showings at SoCal, Arizona, San Jose, Seattle, and Monterey. You can find her on Instagram as @emilee.kate.

Emilee Smith  
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Emilee Smith's #gearlist:

Shorts: Human Octane Elite Compression Pants (sold out, shorts here)

Top: Human Octane Elite Sports Bra

ES: Human Octane has the most comfortable and durable compression (Grade 1- 15-20mmHg) on the market. Barbed wire has met its match. I have raced around 30 races in my Human Octane compression leggings and shorts and have yet to rip the uniquely crafted material. Huge shout out to Brent Kocal, owner and designer, for bringing quality compression to the market.

Nutrition: EndurElite PerformElite X

ES: I love PerformElite X. I often wonder how I came this far in life without it, and if I sound addicted, I am. PerformElite X gives me a consistent surge of energy throughout my lengthy workouts, it keeps me focused, heightening my mind to body connection. Workouts seem to simply flow with ease. If you want to set a PR, you might want to pick up a can of this ass whoopin'. Discount code: REF10-MUNP5U.

Watch: Suunto 9

ES: Advanced battery life settings built for Endurance, fancy look, durable as heck, about a million sport settings including Obstacle Course Race… Every time I mess around with the settings I find something cooler, new territory navigation and statistics. This thing is smarter than I am.

Emilee Smith
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Fuel: Spring Energy

ES: These are race gel or Guu alternatives, made from basmati rice and fruit instead of maltodextrin like all of their compeditors. Spring Energy won’t hurt your tummy or a spike of sugar just to crash later. Rice gives you a complex carb that continues to fuel you throughout the miles you put down. Discount code: EmileeKate.

Coffee: 7 Seas Roasting Company Subscription

ES: Veteran owned, amazing coffee company out of San Diego, California. An entire company staffed by amazing people, who support great causes like Spikes K9 Fund and contribute partial proceeds back to villages where the coffee is farmed from. Coffee is the elixir of life! Discount code: EmileeKate20.

Emilee Smith
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Favorite moment of race day:

ES: The start line. If you have ever seen me at the start line, you have seen my squinty eyes and huge smile plastered across my face. You see me laughing and hugging the girls I race with. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t take it seriously, that smile and love for my competitors is my appreciation for all the hard work that each one of us puts in. Every drip of sweat, every minute of burning lungs, every ounce of pain has led us to that moment and there is no feeling more exciting to me.

Where you can find Emilee next:

ES: Boise Sprint! Hot, fast climbs chasing Ashley Heller? Hell yes!