Glenn Racz, Eyeing the Mountain Series

Interview by Kurt McIntire

05 02 19

Today we’re featuring Glenn Racz, OCR powerhouse. In 2018, he put together a 5th place showing at Spartan Ultra World Championships, and has his sights set on 1st in this year’s Spartan Mountain Series. Oh, did we mention that he runs a 4:17 mile?

Glenn Racz
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Glenn’s #gearlist:

GR: As a mechanical engineer, I design & analyze designs for a living, so I enjoy testing out my gear to determine what works best for me for my specific goal races.

Shoes: VJ Shoes USA XTRM

GR: I recently tested a handful of new shoes that came out in the past year or so. I found the Salomon S-Lab series and Hoka EVO to work well for racing. Just within the past 3 weeks, I tried the VJ XTRMs and they have worked great for going up and down the steep and technical hills, so I currently plan to race with them in my upcoming key races in Montana and Big Bear.

Shorts: Spartan by Craft 2-in-1 Shorts

GR: Craft gear is light and fit comfortably - all running shorts and compression shorts/pants they offer have a rear zipper pocket for nutrition and minimal in construction to save weight. In Iceland's 24-hour race last year, I wore Craft compression base layer and outer shell and didn't change during the whole race.


GR: I take BeetElite prior to races to maximize vasodilation to get that extra 1%. Shot-of-life (which is packed with nutrient dense nuts/fruit/seeds per shot) before and during long workouts and races. I eat Good Lovin' Bars after races and training.

Coaching: Yancy Camp

GR: I work with @yancyculp to come up with creative grip strength endurance workouts that also focus on improving my speed AFTER completing obstacles. He is a great coach whose knowledge & passion for the sport is evident in all he does.

GR: My favorite part about race day is when that spear hits the target! I'm 1 for 2 in Montana (2015 & 2016), so I'm hoping to improve that record this weekend.

GR: I'll be winning - I mean racing - the Spartan Montana Beast this weekend, and God-willing the Big Bear Beast and Sprint in 2 weeks and the remaining 4 races in the Mountain Series.