Mike Ferguson, Focusing on Trail Running

Interview by Kurt McIntire

04 11 19

Today let’s say hi 👋 to Mike Ferguson, @fergy_run_wild, OCR athlete and trail runner. Mike is a continual top-10 Spartan athlete with 3rd and 4th place finishes at Minnesota and Nevada in 2018.

Mike Ferguson
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Mike’s #gearlist:

Shorts: MudGear Men’s Freestyle

Sleeves: MudGear Compression

MF: MudGear is my primary sponsor that I have now been with for 3 years and couldn't ask for a better clothing company to be affiliated with that is always striving to be the best on the market. Not only do they take care of their sponsored athletes but they also allow us to help with designing and modifying new and current clothing styles to make them the best on the market.

Shoes: VJ Shoes USA XTRM

MF: See my shoe review that I just posted recently about how great of a shoe it is. See the review here: @fergy_run_wild

Hat: Spartan Race Beanie

MF: It’s very humbling to be a part of an organization as big as Spartan who offers a lot of incentives and free product to us racers that have a mission to rip a hundred million people off the couch and create a healthy lifestyle which is what I live.

Nutrition: EndurElite WheyElite

MF: I partnered with EndurElite because they are, in my opinion, the cleanest whey protein powder on the market.

Mike’s favorite moment of race day:

MF: To finally let all the hard work that no one ever sees be put to the test. At the end of it after we're done racing we are all friends. I think the OCR Community is one of the best communities out there.

Mike’s next race:

MF: Being that I’m focusing more on trail racing this season my next big race will be May 18th up in northern Minnesota along the North Shore call the "superior 25k" which sells out every year and hosts hundreds upon hundreds of top-level racers. I have still yet to ever win this event as my best finish is 3rd place. I’d love to add this course to my list of wins.